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Where are you based?
I am a wedding and portrait photographer located in Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, CA. We do shoot a lot in Orange County and in the Bay Area but also a lot of destination weddings.
How many weddings do you take every year?
Because we want all of all our attention dedicated to our couples we don’t take more than 20 weddings a year.
Is your coverage consecutive?
Yes, the coverage is consecutive.
Can uncle Bob take pictures at the wedding?
While your uncle Bob is welcome to take pictures with his new Rebel camera or iPad as long as it doesn’t hinder our ability to get amazing pictures for our dear couple. In case that happens, we will politely tell him/them to back off. In case that fails, I’m a red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Kidding. I’m actually a black belt. As you can see I will defeat them with my weird sense of humor. Actually aunties and uncles love me and we’ve never had issues of communicating with guests that were becoming a bit over the top.
Do we receive the raw files, unedited files?
Long story short, no. We consider selecting the best images and editing a cornerstone in our approach and style. The raw, flat and unedited files are not available for either viewing or purchase. We never limit the number of images delivered but the outtakes (duplicates, unflattering images, blurry pictures) are removed.
What does ‘editing’ mean?
Editing means corrections for exposure, color, tint, contrast, applying our proprietary filters and also making selective localized corrections.
Do you offer advanced retouching?
Let’s face it not every day is a perfect hair day. While all images includes in an album are retouched, we also offer an optional advanced retouching (including but not limited to: skin smoothing, fixing hair or clothing, removing objects or people form an image). Please inquire for a custom quote.
Do you also deliver Black and White photographs?
As highlighted in my online portfolio and social media, up to 25% of my work is delivered in Black and White. Some images are shot in BW, others shot with BW in mind, others just look better in BW (quality of light). Let us know if you would like a set of ALL images delivered in BW too
How long before we receive our images?
Great things come to those who wait. Since we apply post production to every image delivered, the process does take a while. You will receive your galleries in up to 12 weeks or less.
How many images will I receive?
For weddings we usually deliver between 50-100 images/ hr. While I tend to overshoot and we don't cap the number of images selected, only the best and meaningful images will make it into your collection
What should I wear for my session?
We do have a PDF with helpful tips that we'll share before your session.
Did you have a question that wasn't answered?
Please contact us below and let us know what's on your mind!