Malibu & Union Station Engagement Session: bavidra + saher

April 24, 2013


The beautiful thing about this job is that we get to meet people who are very much IN LOVE and hear their amazing stories. But as beautiful as they all are, saher + bavidra’s love story is extraordinary.

‘I think, like all prolific love stories ours started well before we met… Our paths have been subtly curling towards each other for several years, at least certainly well before I recognized the girl I knew I would merry walking in a class one day in Queens.

Our story is a perfect consolation of history, chance and serendipitous choices that would have resulted in one outcome…’ (Quote from bavidra’s proposal video to saher).

Their love story sounds more like a fairy tale.  Living in different parts of the world, they traveled to Bombay, Singapore, China, Korea, and Japan. They have watched the sunrise in Egypt, drank coffee in Paris, attended Jazz Fest in Chicago; vacationed in New Guinea; scuba diving in Australia and swimming with the stingrays in the Bahamas.

Finally, the young couple ended in beautiful San Francisco, where bavidra proposed.

bavidra, you put us men to shame!

We shot saher + bavidra on the beach in Malibu and at the beautiful Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

We cannot wait to cover their wedding in San Francisco, CA, in August!