saher + bavidra Bay Area Ceremony

February 5, 2014


We talked about Saher+ Bavidra’s amazing love story on their engagement blog post here.
The e-session was also published in South Asian Bride Magazine.
Matei Horvath Photography travelled to the Bay Area in August to cover their multiple day wedding ( also featured on the world renowned Maharani Weddings ) and we had an amazing time.
The ceremony was held at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame. Situated on a wildlife preserve, the course ends on a bluff overlooking Crystal Springs Reservoir and it’s just breathtaking. And if it was cold, gloomy and drizzling when we arrived there early in the morning, the weather opened up and aligned with the high sprit of this event and all family members and friends that lovingly traveled from all over the world to be with Saher and Bavidra on this important day of their lives. Congratulations Saher+ Bavidra!
Please stay tuned for the second posting.
Also, huge Thanks to Casey Brodley for second shooting!